Imagine  your life without martial arts. How confident would you be? What would still be overcoming you? No boxing, no wrestling, no karate, no one room where all stand bare foot and equal. How much have your coaches and sensei’s poured into you? 


This is the gift you can give. We overcome bullies by equipping kids with confidence and teaching solutions. We overcome obesity with exercise and developing inner strength. We overcome ignorance with a diverse and dynamic cultural education. All at the Shudokan! 

Through your partnership the Shudokan can continue to offer FREE classes to the impoverished and underserved young people in Rubidoux and the Riverside area. 

—picture of class some gi’s sone without—


How you can be a champion! 

  1. Pray for us. Every time you put your shoes on remember to pray for the “Shu-do-kan” 

  2. Receive our newsletter. Click here and leave your email and/or text your mail address to Drew Brattrud at (951)288-2393. 

  3. Come teach a class (if your qualified as a martial artist) or give a testimony at the end of one of our classes. 

  4. Donate- here are our current expenses: $650 for our annual insurance, $25 per uniform, $5 to buy a case of water. We are a 501c3 and all your gift is a tax deduction. If you give through our website it will immediately send you a recite. It is our desire to get all our students gi’s (the uniforms). It is an equalizer and helps bring order and solidarity. The rich, the poor, the expert, and the beginner all enter the same door, give the same bow and where a uniform. Hard work and rank distinguishes, not style. 

  5. Support our fund raising events by spreading the word and buying tickets. 


Together we are overcoming adversity in lives, families and communities through your generosity. Thank you for your partnership.