The Shudokan Warrior lives a life of Control, Honor, Integrity, and Service. 

The Shudokan Warrior Training Program instills honor and discipline into the warriors in training.


The instructors are excellent role models who provide the knowledge and tools necessary for the warriors in training to grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. This program is more than just teaching Karate or self-defense, it instills the principles needed to live a successful and fulfilling life. For the younger warriors, this includes working with students to improve their grades, behavior, concentration, and confidence.


Shudokan Warriors come into the program at all different stages of life in varying situations, but those who commit and are persistent come out as capable men and women of integrity, ready to prosper in all aspects of life and help others along the way.


The Shudokan Warrior Program wants to help as many people transform their lives for the better as possible, but we need your help. Please donate to keep our program thriving and to continue to help making a positive change in our community.

Are you ready to become a true Warrior?